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Advanced Acting Class Auditions 2021-22


Wednesday, February 26

3:30 pm- 7:00 pm

Sign up for an audition slot no later than Tuesday, Feb 25th. 

Callbacks: Thursday, February 27



Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the LCHS Theatre Department. On this page you will find instructions for your audition as well as monologues and sides.


Who should audition?

Anyone interested in being in the spring play AND/OR anyone interested in being in next year’s Advanced Acting class. One audition can count toward both the play and the class. Or you can audition for just one of those opportunities.

Please note that LCHS offers two Acting classes. Acting class does not require an audition, however Advanced Acting does. Both acting classes are primarily focused on acting skills and you will be required to read and perform regularly in class.

Advanced Acting requires mandatory out of class performances.

Remember that energy and commitment are just as important as skill.

Current eighth graders must be recommended by their current Acting teacher to audition for Advanced Acting and are not eligible to audition for the spring play.


About the audition schedule:

You must sign up for a time slot. A link to the sign up form can be found below.

It is imperative you are present and ready for your chosen time. It is recommended that students arrive at least ten minutes before they are scheduled to audition. Only certain absences will be excused (emergencies, extreme illness, etc. If you are involved in winter sports you will only be excused from auditions if you have a game or meet.) If you cannot attend the scheduled audition you must contact Ms. Rideout by email no later than February 18th to set up an alternate audition time. Alternate audition times must be completed before February 21st.


About the audition content:


All auditionees must perform a monologue and students are strongly advised to pick one of the provided monologues. You may choose to perform a self-selected monologue as long as it is less than 2 minutes in length. It MUST be from a published stage production. Not a movie. If you choose your own monologue you must provide Ms. Rideout with a paper copy at the time of the audition. Monologues must be memorized and should not be ad-libbed or edited. However, you may substitute specific words if you feel the original text is inappropriate for you. Tables and chairs will be provided and the auditionees should not use any other props or costumes. All monologues may be performed by any gender.

**Showing the judges a well thought-out, believable and interesting character is the most important thing you can do.

Audition Sides

Only for those auditioning for Advanced Acting. Please familiarize yourself with the audition sides posted below. They do not need to be memorized. After your monologue you will be asked to perform one or both scenes with a reader. Please print off the scenes and do not read them from a phone. You should do research so you understand the context of the scenes. 


Anyone auditioning for the spring play should be prepared to attend callbacks. Not everyone cast in the show will be called back. It is purely used as a tool to make specific decisions. Callbacks will be posted at any point on 2/27. New audition sides from "Puffs" will be posted with the callback list so you can familiarize yourself with the text we will be using. Otherwise, no additional preparation is needed for callbacks.

Time Commitment:

Please be aware that the Spring play is an after school commitment that requires your full dedication. Rehearsals will begin March 4. Rehearsals will be Monday-Thursday from 3:30 to 6 and will continue through May 13th.

The performance is May 14-16.


Casting is a difficult and complex process. Think of it as a puzzle. If you change one piece, all pieces around it must change. Therefore, please trust that your director is making decisions based on what is best for each, unique show. Once the cast list is posted you will have a short window of time to accept or decline your role.

*New monologues will be added throughout the week. 
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