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La Center Theatre

Want to get involved?

La Center Theatre currently offers three theatre classes. Scroll down to see how to join!




Acting class is open to all students and does not require an audition 


Acting class allows you to learn the skills of an actor in a low-pressure environment. In this class we break down the core elements of acting for the stage and learn the fundamentals in a safe, encouraging setting. You will learn skills that you can apply far beyond the stage such as public speaking, improvisation, projection, and memorization. In acting class, you will learn all the essential building blocks of theatre so you can audition for Advanced Acting and the stage when you are ready. 

Sign up for Acting when you schedule your classes.


Experience the artistry and technology of theatre 


Technical Theatre is for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the artistry of theatre without taking the stage themselves. In Theatre Tech you will learn about many aspects of technical theatre including lighting, sound design, costumes, and set construction. Theatre Tech combines art and technology to create captivating environments and experiences. Your work is directly transferred to the stage and what you create, be it soundscapes, lighting designs, or set pieces, are critical components that make theatre at La Center High School happen.

Stagecraft is open to 10th- 12th grades and requires an application to be considered for the class.  Some freshmen applicants may be considered based on teacher recommendations. 

Applications are due by 3/8/24.


Advanced Acting

Open your world to new possibilities and experience new adventures 


Advanced Acting is an immersive, hands-on course that allows you to build acting skills and an understanding of theatre through staged performances. In Advanced Acting you will be a cast member in the fall play, perform in small groups, and study scripts while learning about the history and cultural impacts of theatre as an art form. You will perform monologues, analyze text, build characters and compete in our annual lip-sync competition.

Advanced Acting is open to all grade levels (Upcoming freshmen must have a recommendation from their current drama teacher) and requires an audition.

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