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These Shining Lives

at La Center High School Theatre

by Melanie Marnich

TSL Poster 2 small.jpg
Cast List

Catherine Donohue- Kiersten Brightbill

Frances- Tymber Leavitt

Charlotte- Taylor Huston-Allen

Pearl- Jessica Eavenson

Tom Donohue- Chase Paris

Mr. Reed- Hannah Smith

Reporter 1/ Factory  Girl- Riley Bingham

Reporter 2/ Factory Girl- Maryam Elkoshairi

Daughter/ Factory Girl- Tamsyn Lewis

Judge/ Factory Girl- Lorelei Herber

Dr. Rowntree/ Radio Announcer- Vincent Burgess

Dr. Dalitsch/ Factory Girl- Lindsay Preiss

Son/ Factory Worker- Alex Wade

Company Doctor/ Factory Worker- Kyle Dunn

Leonard Grossman/ Factory Girl- Brianna Reil

Factory Girl- Alison Brown

Factory Girl- Hailey Grotte

Factory Girl- Sophia Rose

Singer 1/ Factory Girl- Hailey Powers

Singer 2/ Factory Girl- Rylie Arnsparger

Singer 3/ Factory Girl- Kailey Rowen

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