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The Critic

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher

The Real Inspector Hound

by Tom Stoppard

at La Center High School Theatre

Critic Hound Poster 3 small.jpg

The Critic

Cast List

Dangle- RJ Balduc

Mrs. Dangle- Molly Coffman

Servant- Ruth Skinner

Miss Buxom, Governor- Grace Nolan

Sneer- Sam Elkoshairi

Signora Décolleté- Maryam Elkoshairi

Sir Fretful Plagiary- Evan Smith

Mr. Puff- Caleb Stenberg

Prompter- Chase Paris

Queen- Shelby Kysar

Sir Walter Raleigh, Leicester- Lindsay Preiss

Tilburina- Erilyn Westergaard

Don Granbarbatupida, Lord Burleigh, Blue Robed Actor- Kourtney Edington

Confidant-  Tymber Leavitt

Green Robed Actress 1- Haley Taylor

Green Robed Actress 2- Savannah Woodfin

The Real Inspector Hound

Cast List


Moon- Evan Smith

Birdboot- Caleb Stenberg

Mrs. Drudge- Maryam Elkoshairi

Simon- Sam Elkoshairi

Felicity- Kiersten Brightbill

Cynthia- Alexa Vermaas

Magnus- Loren Brown

Inspector Hound- RJ Balduc

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